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Actionable insight that can boost fund sales, curb redemptions & lift productivity.

Increase productivity

Knowing who to target, what products to talk about and when to reach out helps you to work smarter and optimize how you use your time, resources and budget.

Save on R&D (and time)

​We've built, trained and validated our machine learning models using massive amounts of data that's out-of-reach for most industry participants. We're ahead of the curve. Plus, our solutions integrate nicely with your CRM and can be implemented in weeks, not months.

Grow AUM

​We identify clients that are more likely to be buyers and what products they're likely to have interest in buying, enabling you to win more of their business.

Discover new high-value opportunities

​Expand your sales pipeline with data-driven insight into your clients and prospects.

Elevate client engagement

​We deliver insight into what drives your clients' activity so that you can personalize your interactions to lift engagement and satisfaction.

Keep clients on board

We identify clients who are likely to redeem and what products they are likely to sell. This insight creates an opportunity to be proactive and take action to retain assets.

Adding real value.

​Clientelligent delivers industry-leading machine learning solutions that give fund managers an edge in competing for assets in the advice channel. 

A new approach.

Clientelligent started in 2018 by partnering with some of the top fund managers in Canada, using machine learning to optimize fund sales and retention. Leveraging vast amounts of data, we provide new insight into advisors with one goal in mind: to add to our client's bottom line.

Actionable insight.

​​Our insight empowers your professionals to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that can drive revenue growth, save time and money, and keep your clients happy.

​Who is more likely to transact? What products are they more likely to have interest in? When?

​​Our ML solutions help you to prioritize who you should target and what funds you should pitch (and when), personalized for every client. Not just to drive in sales, but also to curb redemption activity, giving you a huge productivity boost. 

​​Whose activity is driven by... 3-year returns? What their peers are doing? Social events? And much more.

​​Learn more about what drives your clients' buying and selling activity and what matters more to them. 

​​Can we optimize how to re-engage with clients who've flown the coup?

​​Bringing a client back into the fold is never easy. That's why we look for hints in data that can be used to help you increase the chances they re-engage and become buyers once more.

​How to connect the right audiences with the right messages at the right time?

We discover segments of clients who exhibit similar features and behaviors that enable you to deliver relevant, personalized and time-sensitive messages that can lift engagement. We go a step further by identifying trends that may be taking shape within each segment that you can take advantage of.

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